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Modum reserves the right of implementing, modifying or deleting anytime parts of the present Terms of Use, according to the proceedings described in the paragraph “Changes”.


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The pages of our Site include some hyper textual links to other external Sites. By clicking on the trade marks in our catalogue you could be addressed outside our Site. Third parties hyper textual links are included. You are aware that the activation of a hyper textual link re-addressing outside the Site involves the navigation in a Site which is not directly controlled by us, which could apply different terms of use and rules for privacy protection. You recognize we are not responsible for those Sites. We reserve the right of removing the links to our Site in third parties’ Sites, though having no obligation towards them.


The privacy of your user names, of passwords and of all the activities effected using your account is under your full responsibility.
You are responsible of all the charges related to any possible request for compensation deriving from the non-respect from your side of the present terms of use, i.e. of any possible request for compensation deriving from your account, except for the cases in which it will be considered unreasonable.
You will do your utmost to cooperate with Modum in the defense in case of any possible request for compensation.
We reserve the right, at our charges, to take the exclusive defense and control in any legal proceeding.


Modum reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to implement, modify or delete anytime, temporarily or permanently, parts of the present terms of use. In that case, you’ll be informed of such changes, additions or deleting by an e-mail message at the latest address you supplied.
Any possible change, modification, adding or deleting will be effective starting from the happening which will occur as first within the ten (10) calendar days following the e-mail message at your address or thirty (30) calendar days. In case you do not approve the permanent modifications, you have the right of deleting your registration from our Site.
We remind that you are responsible of updating your personal data to supply us an up-to-date e-mail address anytime. In case the latest e-mail address you supplied is not valid or not in a position – for whatsoever reason – to forward you our messages, the sending of such messages from our side will be considered anyway a valid information of the implementations, modifications or deleting described in the message itself.


The present terms of use will be valid until their cancellation from your side or ours. To cancel the present conditions anytime, it is necessary to renounce the use of the Site and destruct all the materials downloaded from the Site, as well as all the related documentation, copies and installations of the Site itself.
We can delete immediately the terms of use towards you (including your access to the Site) in case of violation of said terms from your side.
We have adopted and applied a policy which foresees the cancellation, in the appropriate cases, of the users who make themselves repeatedly responsible of copyrights violation.
On cancellation, you must refrain from using the Site and proceed with the destruction of all the materials downloaded from the Site itself, as well as all the copies realized under the present terms of use or under other different ways.


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